Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) returns for Hotels, Motels, and Vacation Home Rentals (VHRs) can now be submitted online, by phone, and mail to simplify your monthly or quarterly reporting. To submit your TOT online, please click the “File and Pay TOT” found below under the TOT Remittance box. This will allow you to begin the quarterly filing process.”

PROPERTY MANAGERS - We would like to make your filing experience as hassle free as possible. Please see filing instructions to file by web, and call our tax specialists with any questions.

Penalties of 10% or $10, whichever is greater, per month or portion thereof, plus interest of 1% per month or portion thereof, will be charged on all late payments of room taxes. Room taxes collected for stays in one month are due by the last day of the following month. For example, taxes on room stays in June are due by July 31 and late on August 1. Non-permitted properties providing short term rentals are responsible to pay room taxes, penalties and interest for all nights rented regardless of their permitting status at the time of the rental. We are available to assist you in becoming compliant with permitting and tax remittance.

For the privilege of occupancy in any “hotel,” each transient shall be subject to and shall pay a tax in the amount of fourteen percent (14%) of the rent charged by the operator for properties located in the Lake Tahoe Township (Lake), and thirteen percent (13%) of the rent charged by the operator for properties located in the East Fork Township/Valley.

If you have any TOT questions, you are welcome to contact us at or by phone at (775) 238-4135. Phone support is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (PST).

TOT forms and payments may also be mailed to the address below. Please make checks payable to Douglas County.

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